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Stretch-N-Grow/ Ugot Active Kidz

Stretch-N-Grow Childcare Program in Waterbury, Connecticut

THE FUNtastic Fitness & Nutrition education program improves the level of fitness in our STARS and teaches them (and their families) the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the perils of inactivity.


Our classes combine all of the elements of a traditional kid-friendly movement program into one class that uses imagination and non-stop activity to teach healthy living. Instructors come on site and our kids are engaged in an interactive weekly program. Your child will never be bored – we use a variety of skill-specific equipment.

Research shows:

  • Children today have a shorter life expectancy than their parents for the first time in 200 years because of the epidemic of obesity (Baylor College of Medicine).
  • Preschoolers should have 60 minutes and toddlers 30 minutes of STRUCTURED daily physical activity – not just free play (National Association of Sports & Physical Education).
  • The rate of overweight preschoolers has tripled over the past two decades. The AAP recommends that age-appropriate exercise begins at the preschool level (American Academy of Pediatrics).

Stretch-n-Grow is your school’s choice for early childhood physical education!

Program Highlights:

  • Interactivity – builds social skills
  • Appropriate physical movements – develops growing bodies
  • Music – keeps activities fun
  • Equipment – improves manipulative skills
  • Cognitive lessons – keeps the kids stimulated
  • Continuous movement – means no waiting in line
  • Warm-up activity stories – engages their imagination
  • Age-appropriate workouts – builds endurance and strength
  • Cool downs – emphasizes stretching and flexibility
  • Physical conditioning – prepares them for team sports
  • Group participation – builds self-esteem
  • Non-competitive activities – fosters friendly relationships

Learner Outcomes:

  • Identify major muscles and bones in the body
  • Distinguish between healthy foods (every day foods) and junk food (sometimes food)
  • Learn how vitamins and minerals help keep our bodies healthy
  • Discover the importance of drinking lots of water every day
  • Identify the two types of exercise/activity – aerobic and strengthening
  • Learn how to keep our bodies healthy through exercise and nutrition
  • Learn and practice the five healthy habits – exercise, good hygiene, nutrition, rest, good attitude
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To provide you with the highest quality program available to all children, providing families with support and encouragement