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Toddler Programs

Toddler Programs in Waterbury, Connecticut

TODDLERS 18 Months to 2 Years Old

Toddlers are driven to explore and discover. Our toddlers participate in structured activities that promote the development of their fine and gross motor skills, listening skills, language skills, and self-help skills.

Your ever curious toddler will flourish in a program that provides experiential learning. Teachers lead marching, dancing, hopping, crawling and ball play activities designed to strengthen your toddler’s gross motor skill development. Painting, stacking games, puzzles and water play pave the way for your child’s creative expression and fine motor skill development. Songs, fingerplays, and reading will broaden your child’s language capacity.

Our staff also teaches children self-help skills like independent feeding, hand washing and toilet training.


  • Can recall information over a longer period of time without contextual clues
  • Can reenact a sequence of events observed at an earlier time
  • Can link past and present activities
  • Can engage in pretend play involving several sequenced steps and assigned roles
  • Can show understanding that numbers represent quantity
  • Can use number words to indicate the quantity in small sets of objects (one, two, three)
  • Can demonstrate an understanding that adding to increases the number of objects in a group
  • Can place objects in one-to-one correspondence during play
  • Can begin to use words such as bigger, smaller and longer


  • Can show understanding of simple requests and statements
  • Can show interest in and use new or unfamiliar words in conversation and play
  • Can combine words to express more complex ideas or requests
  • Can (with support) describe experiences with people, places and things
  • Can use words that indicate position
  • Can show appreciation for reading books, telling stories and singing
  • Can demonstrate an understanding of the meaning of stories and information in books
  • Can use pictures to describe and predict stories and information
  • Can distinguish between letters and words in a text
  • Can distinguish between sounds that are the same
  • Can (with support) recognize familiar logos and environmental print
  • Can (with support) recognize own name in print
  • Can begin to use thumb and fingers (five-finger grasp) of one hand to hold a writing tool
  • Can make marks “scribble writing” to represent objects and ideas


  • Can follow simple one-step directions
  • Can follow through with a given task
  • Can start with simple self-help skills: washing hands, putting toys away, pushing in chair, etc.
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