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Daycare in Waterbury, Connecticut

Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of day care services for your child from Monday to Friday when office duties call.

We understand that it’s your decision to choose an Early Care and Education provider for your little one. We guarantee that we are your best choice of daycare in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Children in our program receive healthy meals, excellent care, and build the social and learning skills necessary to succeed. Families in our program have the opportunity to work, search jobs, or go to school confident with the knowledge that their children are safe and well-nurtured.

We believe that development prospers in a program that supports children’s choices and preferences.

  • MiniVentures Early Care and Education Center has been serving families since November 2003.
  • Our center provides care for families with children ages 6 weeks to 12 years, serving 100+ families per year.


MiniVentures Early Care and Education Center and its employees actively subscribe to a set of Core Values. These values are adopted and promoted in our daily activities at our Early Care and Education Center. They underpin the way in which we conduct our business, interact with families in the community, and operate as individuals or teams within classroom settings.

Our program is rooted in the fact that young children are capable, independent, and curious thinkers. Our teachers are trained to be keen observers who create a curriculum that emerges from the interests of the children. This curriculum challenges children to think, question, investigate, and explore the world around them.

Teachers are the facilitators

Children have a natural sense of wonder, and our teachers lead their curiosity by establishing an environment that encourages them to question, hypothesize, experiment, and reflect on their experiences.

At MiniVentures , activities are set up to be open-ended and interesting to the children. Our teachers are responsible for observing, documenting, and creating an environment that can challenge even our youngest minds. Each classroom has an established set of learning objectives that our teachers use when creating engaging experiences for the children.


The process of learning is far more important than the product. MiniVentures children are encouraged to be messy, to try new ideas, and to be creative with no set expectations. We strive to say “yes” to children when they have an idea or a goal that they would like to accomplish.

Close observation and careful documentation of our children gives us the information we need to ensure that rich learning happens in every activity and experience. It also allows us to modify a child’s environment, challenge them with further questions, or intrigue them to investigate further so that they can learn even more.

Innovation makes positive changes in the community. Any child attending MiniVentures will be challenged to do better so that they too can become innovators in what interests them.


Each child’s future depends on their ability to collaborate with peers. We create a “minimal boundaries” approach that allows children to become confident in both small successes and failures.

We make an environment that fosters collaboration, problem-solving, innovation, and creativity. Challenging students to face small “obstacles” is a part of the daily culture at MiniVentures. We believe that by overcoming these obstacles independently or with others, we are preparing students for a future that requires determination and hard work.

Through teamwork, networking, parent involvement, and community outreach, we truly get the community involved to ensure their voices are heard and change can be made for the good of our children.


We strive for excellence in everything we do. It is evident not only in the higher standard in which we provide our services but in how we deliver them. Our employees embody excellence – whether in the decisions they make, the continued successful progression of a child’s learning experience, or the care they deliver. Excellence guarantees a brighter future for our children.

Social Awareness & Responsibility

Integrity is non-negotiable. If it compromises the individual or the company’s integrity, it will not be done. We set the standard with the children in our care and assist in making conscious decisions that shape their development. We will not compromise on the care we provide to each child that has been entrusted to us in any capacity.

Community Respect

We respect all people, including their ideas, their culture, their views, their health and safety, and their knowledge. We have a variety of parents who send their children to our center, some who are new and others who are already well-versed in our care. No matter what the circumstance, we will address all parent/guardian concerns with the respect and care required.

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To provide you with the highest quality program available to all children, providing families with support and encouragement